Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber

The Clever Investor Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber grew up in Mesa, Arizona and always wanted to be a 9th grade history teacher.  After realizing what 9th grade teachers made each year, at the age of 18 he decided to join the United States Navy as a Quartermaster and travel the world.  Excelling quickly Cody rose through the ranks and became a QM2 (E-5) within 2 short years.  Right before being honorably discharged, Cody was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for his team building and leadership skills.  After leaving the military Cody Sperber attended Arizona State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance with an emphasis in Accounting.

During his time at ASU Cody witnessed a friend flip a house and make over $80,000.  Thinking "he too could do that" Cody began researching what it would take to become a real estate investor and begin investing in real estate.  A passion was ignited and Cody decided to focus full time on his new investing career.  Unfortunately, after 1 year of trying desperately to "crack the code" and live the investor lifestyle, Cody gave up on his dream and got a job as a book keeper for a local developer.

Cody Sperber Realized That "Winging It" Was Not The Right Approach To Becoming A Successful Real Estate Investor.

Over the next 12 months Cody Sperber focused on being the best bookkeeper he could be, but at the end of the day...he always felt like he gave up on his dreams.  During this time a good friend of Cody's named Zach invited Cody to an event in San Francisco put on by an "old timer" named Jack Miller.  Having been to countless seminars and buying dozens of real estate courses, books, and tapes, Cody refused.  Thankfully Cody's friend was relentless and after talking to his girlfriend (now wife) about how unhappy he was being trapped in the rat race, Cody decided to go and give it one last shot.

Going To That One Seminar Was The Best Decision Cody Ever Made In His Investing Career.

When they showed up in San Fran...Cody and Zach witnessed something amazing.  They immediately realized that this event was different than anything they have every attended and noticed that the investors (most of them over the age of 50) were all "players" that have been investing for years and years. Most of the Guru's you see on TV or authors of your favorite real estate books were frantically taking notes as Jack and his team of real estate experts spoke.  These guys were the real deal, and the people that attended their events were the real deal.  Plus the camaraderie and community that Jack fostered felt like family.  It was easy to fit in and get involved, and most of these investors have been masterminding and hanging out for over 20 years.  Feeling re-inspired after seeing so many happy and successful real estate investors, Cody decided to get "back in the game" and really do it right this time.

Hiring A Mentor To Fast Track Cody's Success Was The Right Move!

Realizing that he could not do it on his own, Cody hired his first real estate investing mentor at that event.  Lyle spent the first few weeks helping Cody restructure his real estate investing business, integrating the right technology and business systems, and showing Cody how to generate high quality real estate leads.  As the leads poured in, Lyle taught Cody the art of transactional engineering and Cody quickly became a master negotiator.  Within the first 3 months of hiring his first mentor, Cody's made enough money to quit his job and focus on real estate full time.  Over the next year Cody flipped over 50 houses and started building a rental portfolio.  Specializing in wholesaling real estate, Cody had one of the largest and most responsive "cash buyers" lists in Arizona and his websites for buying and selling real estate ranked #1 on Google for all major search phrases.

 To this day Cody's mentor Lyle is heavily involved in Cody's "inner circle" and is extremely proud of Cody as the student became the teacher and started mentoring others on how to build wealth through real estate investing.

Short Sales...Auctions...REO's, Oh My!

Seeing the "writing on the wall", in 2006 Cody Sperber began focusing his investing business on short sale investing.  Negotiating, purchasing, and flipping over 100 short sales, Cody used creative deal structuring techniques including Trusts, Options, and LLC's.  As the short sale business become more and more regulated, once again Cody had to shift his investing strategy to focus on flipping REO's.  So in 2009, he automating the REO offering process using proprietary software developed in-house which enabled him to generate hundreds of "below market" offers each month.  This worked for about a year, but once again the market became saturated so Cody shifted his investing strategy to buying houses at the foreclosure auction.  Quickly growing to one of the largest foreclosure investors in Arizona, Cody and his team researched, drove and inspected, bid on, and won well over 125 houses a year.  After making a small fortune, Cody decided it was time to begin teaching others how to build wealth by investing in real estate so he started a small real estate investment education company he called Clever Investor, LLC.

Educating And Empowering Others Is In Cody Sperber's DNA.

Being a good teacher is hard work.  Much harder than investing in real estate as a career.  Cody Sperber realized that if he was going to be a great educator and teach others how to invest in real estate...that he needed to map out all the business and marketing systems he has been successfully using for years.  Like a franchise, a successful real estate investing business must have proven systems to allow anyone to plug in and begin making money.  Simple systems work because you shouldn't have to think before taking action.  The reason Clever Investor creates more successful students than any other real estate investing educational or mentorship company is because of their proven systems and proprietary marketing technology.  Cody Sperber realizes that being a mentor is a BIG responsibility and one that he takes great pride in.

Unfortunately, Jack Miller passed away a few years ago.  His impact on Cody's investing career will never be forgotten and if there is one major take-away Cody received from being part of the Jack Miller family was that he wanted to re-create that same comfortable feeling for others when they got involved with Clever Investor.

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