Finding Bodies in Your Neighborhood

2015-6.30-260From Dave Ludena, Real Estate Rockstar…

I remember reading an article where someone fell and drowned in a river. In order to retrieve the body, the police dragged the riverbed to try to pull it up. You can imagine in doing so they pulled up all manner of goodies: shopping carts, shoes and probably several bodies… depending on where you live. (Dexter fan, anyone?)

It’s likely you have heard of finding properties by “Driving for Dollars,” where you look for vacant/distressed properties. But, that is only one of the bodies we want to drag from the riverbed of our target neighborhood. Why? Because that’s how the mere average investor does it.  

Today, I’m going to show you how the Clever Investor (yeah, you) does it and leaves no bodies behind. Heck, if you are out there anyway, let’s make it really worth your time.  

10 Critical Steps to Fix and Flip Success Part 3: What Is a Good Price to Pay for a Fix and Flip?

2015-6-23-260Hey guys, it’s Torsten Coulson again, bringing you back to our great series on fix and flips. (Catch up with Part 1 here.)

Last time we talked about critical step #2 finding that deal. So if you missed it, you should check it out. I shared a few tips on where to find a deal and about negotiating a deal.  Something I didn’t talk about is the importance of negotiating multiple deals at once, so you can pick the best deal out of the ones you’re working.  If you only negotiating one deal at a time you might stop short because you just need a property!

But, let’s move on to critical step #3 – what’s a good price to pay for a fix and flip?

This question about price is one that I’m asked about from my students daily.

Why You Need to Micro Manage That Deal All the Way to the Closing

2015-6-16-260From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailman … 

You just tied up your first deal! Now…

Do you just wait to get your check at closing? Uhhh… not really. You need to micro manage that deal all the way to the closing!

Once you tie up that first deal, you need to nurture it so that it grows into an actual closing.

Here’s Why…

Tying up your deal under contract is just the first part of the deal. The next thing you need to do is get the contract over to the title company asap to find out if the title is clean or dirty.

While the title is being checked, start marketing your deal like crazy to lock down an end buyer.

Buy & Hold 101: How to Find a Good Property Manager


We’re continuing our awesome series on all things Buy & Hold basics. If you missed my previous post in this series, make sure you check it out. You want all the goodies I’ve been offering about Buy & Holds, I assure you.

But, let’s going with today’s helpful info…

For many of us investors, finding and using a property manager is about as enjoyable as having a root canal, sans Novocain. Am I right?

It may be one of the least favorable tasks that come with the investment territory, but let’s face it; it’s a necessary evil. A novice property manager can drive you to bankruptcy, but a legit one can help secure monthly cash flow.

Mother & Daughter Team: Empowering and Rehabbing a Relationship While Remodeling a Home


2015-6-2-260Hi guys, Franklin Cruz here – REI Drill Sergeant and Mentor …

Terri, a recently divorced mother of one, had to restart her professional career after being a stay-at-home mom for more than a decade. Terri’s daughter, Victoria, had just graduated college and returned from spending four months traveling through 13 countries in Europe when she came to work with her mom.

The newly formed team found common ground while transforming a mess of a house into a magnificent home. The project brought a mother and daughter team closer than they had ever been and provided a sense of liberation they had never experienced.

This messy project was their first rehab together, and it was a steep learning curve. They were able to work together to find the best possible solutions, even though it was difficult at times to agree on every single detail.

Build It – They’ll Come

2015-5-16-260From Dave Ludena, Real Estate Rockstar…

Did you ever see the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams? Really great movie… back when Kevin Costner actually made good movies.  

The gist is that this guy took a leap of faith to pursue a vision despite criticism, obstacles and the actual “facts” that were visible. It was that vision and faith that propelled him. It’s a rare person it seems that can do this.


Usually because most people need to SEE it BEFORE we believe it.

A little reminiscing to get to my point…

10 Critical Steps to Fix and Flip Success Part 2: Find that Deal

2015-5-19-260Hey guys, it’s Torsten Coulson again, bringing you back to our series on fix and flips.

Last time, we talked about who the heck I am and how to take that first critical step toward fix and flips. So if you missed it, you should check that out. I shared some cool stuff about me and my REI experience, plus some awesome great REI info, too.

As for today, we’re moving on to critical step #2, which is actually finding that deal.

How? I thought you’d never ask…

Keep Your Wholesaling Business Simple

2015-5-12-260From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailman … 

This is not a complicated business. Do your best to keep it as simple as possible.

Once you understand the basic mechanics of how real estate works, the basic fundamental becomes getting a house under contract at 30-50% below the market.

In order to do this you must be a good marketer and a good negotiator.

Since the marketing is the first step let's address it in this post.

Keep your marketing simple

Buy & Hold 101: Different Types of Cash Flow Rentals

2015-5-5-260Hey, guys, Sperber here, back in action. So we recently kicked off this series with the First Steps to Owning Cash Flow Real Estate and today we’re jumping back in the saddle by going over various types of cash-flow rentals.

We have lots of good stuff to cover so let’s get going…

#1 Single Family Homes

By far, the favorite and most traditional rental property is the single-family home. They're the best, in my opinion, as far as long-term investments go. They're obviously easier to manage and maintain.

They have the highest demand from both from renters and investors. Investors will buy them and homeowners will buy them as well. But when we're talking about rental purposes (when you can have someone paying your mortgage on a single-family home while it's appreciating and your principal is being paid down if you have a loan on it), then you're looking at profits across the board…

How to Close a Deal with Your Eyes Closed

2015-4-28-260From Dave Ludena, Real Estate Rockstar…

Well, maybe with ONE eye closed. Unless you’re a pirate. Then you would be doing it blind.

Today I want to teach you how to tap into your subconscious mind in order to ensure your progress and success. We could work on the surface and focus on the to-do list stuff… meaning all the actions, and we certainly can get there that way, but we’d likely reach some resistance.

OR we can start using this awesome computer between our ears to program our success.

Google an image of an iceberg and one of those will no doubt show a picture with the top protruding on the surface – you know, the part you see (or don’t see if you are steering the Titanic). But below the surface is the much larger part of the iceberg.  

Our mind is like that.

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