Why You Must Have a Competent Licensed Title Company

From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailman …   ​

Recently one of my students got a deal under contract on a house that the seller had owned for decades. 

When the seller bought the house decades earlier, they went ahead and bought it without getting the title checked or getting a title insurance policy. Upon examination of the title for my student to get ready to close, it appears there was a gap in the title.

The person the current seller bought the house from never recorded the deed on the official record books and therefore there is a gap in the title. The prior owner, who the seller purchased the house from is now deceased, and the process of the title company trying to track down the past heirs of the previous sellers estate has begun.

ALWAYS get a title insurance policy from a title company you trust.

Short Sale Investing Part 2: How to Negotiate Your Way to a Paycheck

challengeHowdy, mi amigos. Today we’ve got Part 2 in my two-parter series about short sales. In Part 1, I covered the basics including the life cycle of a short sale. Go check that out, and then head back over here. Go on, it’s good stuff, go.

Today we’re going to continue down the short sale road by answering this good question:

How do you negotiate your way to a paycheck?

I know I’m gonna be throwing a ton of info at you guys, but just remember that I didn’t become a short sale expert overnight. I've been negotiating short sales for the past four years and I've been involved in hundreds and hundreds of transactions. So, I do have some advice for you that I learned from the school of hard knocks…

How to Get (Real) Free Government Money: Secret Website Revealed

Hi guys, Franklin Cruz here – REI Drill Sergeant and Mentor …

Ever thought that there may be unclaimed property money due to YOU that the government doesn’t want you to know about? (And, no, I’m not talking about that fast talking question mark nerd that sells books on TV informercials.)

I’m talking about real-world money that you might be unaware of. How do you do it? I just found out about this trick and want to share it with you.

My wife literally just got a check for $137.67 from this program, and some people get thousands! She has let me show the world the (ß)REAL check she just received, so we can prove to you how easy this fool-proof tip is.

Break on Through to the Other Side

2014-09-23-260From Dave Ludena, Real Estate Rockstar…

Yeah…the title is a song by the Doors. (Pretty damn cool one, too.) Today I want to challenge you to really explore the idea of what is YOUR other side?   

Read carefully as I tell you a story that I think will illustrate this point nicely.

Once upon a time…

There lived a very rich man. Back then, they didn’t have the World Cup or organized sports or even Play Station. So, the rich had to entertain themselves. One day, as he was doing just that, hosting a large party for the village, he thought it would be fun to throw out a challenge:

“I challenge any man to swim across this alligator-infested river from this bank to the other. The first man that can do this, I will pay his weight in gold and give him the hand of my beautiful daughter.” 

No sooner had the words left the rich man’s lips… when suddenly a splash was heard and a dude was swimming like he had the devil on his shadow. The village people cheered in awe as this nut job swam through the alligator gauntlet like a man possessed.  

Upon reaching the other bank, the rich man walked up to the exhausted skinny little man, dripping wet, and shaking like a dog. The rich man looked at him and said, “My good man, I was merely joking. You jumped in before I could say that! To this the man replied, “Sir, that is fine. I don’t want your gold or your daughter. I just want the son of a b*@tch who pushed me in!”

Marketing is What We Do


From Craig Fuhr, The Fix & Flip Artiste …

Webster’s defines the word ‘mantra’ as: A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

If I had a mantra, it would be, “I am a real estate marketer.”

I know this may seem a bit crazy coming from a guy who has made his money over the past 10 years investing in real estate, but have I really been investing?

Webster’s defines ‘investing’ as: To expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture.

Does that sound like the investing you do?
Well, if you’re a landlord, maybe.

If you’re landlord, you take a pile of your money, then leverage it with other people’s money, then you buy a bunch of houses and you keep them for an extended period of time. Hopefully over that time, your rents exceed the mortgages and you get cash flow, and if the market rises you get appreciation.

When do I Rehab it, When do I Whole-Tail it?

From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailmain…

After reading that title, you might be thinking, ‘Huh? What the heck is whole-tail deal?’

A lot of rehabbers start out rehabbing and never really get the hang of wholesaling

I remember one person saying to me that "it wasn't worth his time to find deals when so many wholesalers were running around finding the deals for him." But I also remember seeing him years later, and he was broke because he got stuck at the top of his market with houses he could not sell at full retail. 

It's a natural tendency to want to rehab, especially if you come from a mechanical/construction background.

Short Sale Investing Part 1: The Life Cycle of a Short Sale

2014-09-02-260Hey there, Cody here…

Today I’m going to share with you Part 1 of a great 2 Part series, The Life Cycle of a Short Sale. In Part 1, we’re going to cover what short sales are, why you should do these deals, the life cycle of a short sale, and where you should get leads.

So, let’s dive right into it…

What is a Short Sale?

  • When a homeowner owes more money on their property than it’s worth and is trying to sell.
  • When an investor negotiates with the homeowner's lender to purchase the property at a discount, then resells the property for a profit.

Basically, a short sale is when a homeowner that is currently behind on their mortgage needs to sell for some pressing financial reason. In other words, they cannot afford their mortgage due to a hardship, or perhaps they are being relocated and can’t afford two houses.

How are Short Sales Beneficial?

Short sales help…

  • Banks mitigate loses;
  • Neighborhoods keep their market value;
  • Homeowners get out of stressful financial situations; and
  • Investors make money by helping others

Wanna Be a Successful Rehabber? Follow This Recipe. (Part 5)

successFrom Craig Fuhr, The Fix & Flip Artiste …

Can you believe we are half way through 2014? It’s just insane how fast life moves these days. It seems like it was just yesterday that I started this series of lessons, but alas – we’ve come to the end. This is the final installment.

Right now, you’re probably feeling like California Chrome standing at the starting gate, just waiting for the sound of that pistol so you can sprint to your first rehab deal. You’ve learned a lot in the first four installments Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4but hold on there my thoroughbred rehabber-to-be

Good ole’ Craig still has a few more steps to teach you.

In the previous installment, I ended with Step 11, which is Plumbing, Electric and Miscellaneous Hardware. At that stage of your project, you’re so close – you can almost smell the alluring scent of your massive payday!

Get it in Focus

Here’s where I would once again remind you to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS! There’ll be time later to “make it rain,” but for now your number one job is to keep yourself and your team focused

When Choosing your Title Company….Choose Wisely

`From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailman …

As a wholesaler or a rehabber, your title company can make or break your business.

In my 29 years of rehabbing and wholesaling, I have come to learn that one of the most important people to be on you power team, is your title company.

Alert! Alert!

Be advised though – NOT all title insurance policies/companies are alike, when you are taking the title to a piece of real estate.

Be aware of the fact that just because you go to a title company and close your deal and get title insurance, that different title companies have different underwriters, and different rules and Exceptions From Coverage.

I remember one time closing on a deal buying 22 lots from an old, retired builder…

Lessons from my Losses, Part 2

Hey Clever Investors, Franklin Cruz – REI Drill Sergeant and Mentor – back again to finish the thought-provoking post I started a couple weeks ago. In Part 1, I talked about a disgruntled student of mine whom I affectionately referred to as Mr. Crazy Banana, and how mistakes I learned surrounding some circumstances helped me grow as a person, husband and an investor…

The Saga Continues

Okay, so where were we?

I told you guys about my marriage almost ending up in a bitter divorce, and (even though that totally sucked) it taught me that:

Your past is your story, but it’s how you let the story shape you that’s important. Learn to let your mistakes make you a better person.

And we also talked about how Mr. Crazy Banana was trying to claim that I was not fit to be a coach or REI leader because of my public records with 2 arrests.

Yep. 2. Arrests. Lemme explain…

During the period of my potential divorce there were some domestic issues and I was arrested twice. However, and I was found not at fault and the charges were dropped.

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