Our CLEVER Mission

We are Creative thought Leaders in our industry focused on
Enhancing Value through Excellent Real estate education!

Our goal is to have everything we create and cultivate - be it education, software, corporate culture, or personal
relationships - live up to the highest moral standards in our industry. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for
Clever Investors reputation; the level of success we achieve, the brand image we create, and the contributions
we make in the real estate industry. We are a direct reflection of our ability to uphold the CLEVER mission.


Meet The Team

We are an experienced team and passionate about
developing world class training for the Real Estate Market.

Cody Sperber

Founder & CEO

Matthew Leitz


Ivan Roth

Director Of Business Development


Matthew Miller

VIP Adviser

Jeff Liesener

Director of Operations

Angela Povse

Customer Service Manager


Franklin Cruz

Real Estate Expert

Tom Nardone

Real Estate Expert

Dave Victor

Real Estate Expert


Craig Fuhr

Real Estate Expert

Torsten Coulson

Real Estate Expert

Damian Lanfranchi

Marketing Director


Denise Martin

Support Specialist

Danika Fitzherbert

Support Specialist

Sarah Craig

Support Specialist


Kathleen Kaczynski

Director Of Finance

Josiah Grimes

Real Estate Specialist

Kharimah Campbell

Executive Assistant

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