Finding Resources and Screening Deals

Can I do a RSS deal in lower price range properties?

Absolutely! Just make sure to buy at a deep enough discount to ensure a wide enough profit margin in case something unexpected occurs. Also, be aware of lender guidelines that may prevent you from being able to resell the property quickly.

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M5 Marketing Machine

M5 Lead Machine: How do I create a duplicate (copy) of a page I already created?

The M5 system allows you to easily duplicate pages from the main Web Page menu.  Simply click the gear icon by the page you want to duplicate and click the duplicate link.  You will then see a new page appear at the top of the menu that is exactly like the one you wanted to duplicate.  We suggest immediately editing the page including the name in order to avoid confusion. You can do the same thing for your websites in the Site Builder.

Duplicate page

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Real Estate Investing Terms

What are comparable sales?

Recently sold properties that will be compared with a property being appraised for the purpose of determining the value of the property in question. When appraising a city property, comparable sales must have the same use as the property being appraised, and many similarities in the size of the house, size of the lot, amenities, etc. and be in the same neighborhood and have been sold in the recent past (usually no more than six months) to someone who is not a friend or relation. The comparable property must also be located within one mile of the subject property. More liberal standards will apply for rural property and some suburban properties. However, the value assigned to the subject property will be more accurate the more similar the comparable sales are to the subject property. Lenders will often compensate for the less precise nature of rural appraised values by allowing only lower loan-to-value ratios than those in urban settings, usually 10% lower. (See definition of "loan-to-value" below.)

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Reverse Short Sale (RSS)

How is interest payed to the hard money lender? Does the C buyer pay interest at all, or would the interest be charged to me, as the borrower?

When you partner with us, the interest for the hard money lender funding charge comes off the top, and whatever the true profit is ends up getting split between us and the investor / student.

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