Getting Organized In 2013 – How Real Estate Investors Stay Productive Rings In The New Year

HOORAY...2012 is behind us, the Fiscal Cliff has been avoided (at least for a couple of months), and the future for real estate investors is looking bright (as long as you know how to outsmart those BIG BAD hedge funds).

And if you are anything like have some New Years Resolutions that you plan on keeping for at least 2-3 weeks! ;-)

The good news for you is I have a handy dandy tech tip for getting organized, staying productive, and feeling like you actually got something done at the end of the day.

Introducing the Any.Do App for Iphone and Android.  This is the "award winning" smart phone app that reminds you to get things done.  It's simple to use, and elegant to look at.  I really like it because it syncs with the cloud so no matter what device I schedule something Any.Do app sends me a reminder to GET IT DONE!  Plus it has a "talk-to-text" feature so I can add new tasks at lightning speed.  Here's a list of the features of the Any.Do APP:

  • Customizable Theme (White or Black)
  • Swipe A Task With Your Finger To Market As "Complete"
  • Shake Your Device To "Wipe Away" Completed Tasks
  • Easily Customize Folders (Work, Home, Errands ETC.)
  • Set Priority Of Tasks With  A Simple Tap
  • Easily Switch Between Date View (Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming) And Folder View
  • Quickly Share Tasks With Others

Here are some screenshots of my Any.Do App:

Staying Productive In 2013How To Get Things Done

Here's How You Decide What Makes It To Your "To-Do" List

So about a year ago I read a great book by Dave Ramsey titled "Entre-Leadership".  I highly recommend you check out this book.  In it he talks about putting some "A-1 Steak Sauce" on your life.  The basic concept goes like this.  You sit down at the beginning of your week and brain dump all your "to-do's" into a big list.  Don't think...just write down everything you can think of that needs to get done (including ideas that you have that you would like to get to someday).  Once your completely done making your initial list, start organizing it by marking all the tasks that absolutely have to get done right away with an "A" next to them.  These are the tasks that will either make you money, or lose you money if they don't get done today.  Then mark all the tasks with a "B" that need to get done, but can be put off until tomorrow.  These tasks are still very important, and can't be put off for more than a day or two, but not as important as the "A's".  Finally, mark a "C" next to everything else.

Once this initial organization is done, go back through all your "A's" and order them by marking a "1" next to the most important one, a "2" next to the second most important one, and so on.  Do the same for your "B's" and then the "C's".  When your done you should have a list that looks like this:

  • A-1 Call Back Motivated Sellers
  • A-2 Sign Closing Documents At Title (12:30 p.m)
  • A-3 Pay Credit Card Bill That Is Due Today
  • A-4 Return Movies To Redbox (Before Late Fee's Kick In)
  • A-5 Mail Yellow Letter To Vacant Property On 5th St.
  • B-1 Email Matt About Marketing Strategy
  • B-2 Order Flowers For Anniversary
  • B-3 Send VA New Task (Facebook Connection Clean-Up)
  • B-4 Pick Up Groceries
  • C-1 Set Doctors Appointment For Routine Check-Up
  • C-2 Do Keyword Research For Local SEO
  • C-3 Send Thank You Card To Cash Buyer That Purchased 24th Lane

Now input the "A's" into your Any.Do App under the section market "Today".  The "B's" will go into the section marked "Tomorrow", and the "C's" will go under the section marked "This Week" or "Later" depending on what the task is.

Now you can clear your mind with all those floating tasks...and focus only on the A-1 task (now do you get the concept of putting A-1 Steak Sauce on your life?).  As soon as it is complete, swipe it with your finger (to cross it out), and move onto the next task (A-2...which now becomes the new A-1).

And that is how smart, tech-savvy real estate investors get organized and stay productive in 2013!

BTW...I Love You

I am thankful for so many things...but definitely one of the things I am most thankful for is you! as a real estate investment educational company has grown considerably in 2012...and I am positive we will double in size in 2013.  This would not be possible without you and all the participation I have had with the Clever Investor family of real estate investors.  I hope you enjoyed this little tech tip and I promise if you start deploying this kind of dedication to staying organized and productive, you will achieve way more than if you just "wing-it" on your own.

Get Your Any.Do App Here (iPhone) --->

Get Your Any.Do App Here (Android) --->

Your organized friend in the biz,

Cody Sperber

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