Fast Track Profit System (REI Education)Fast Track Profit System

The Fast Track Profit System is the most complete educational course ever developed by Cody and his team. When you get on the Fast Track you simply follow Cody's 6 Step system, finally putting you on a direct path to wealth. No more guessing or trial and error, just do what Cody teaches and make money. The Fast Track system includes over 20+ high quality video training modules as well as bonus audio training and all the legal contracts and resources you need to start profiting in real estate fast. The system focuses on creating 4 primary profit centers including wholesaling for quick profit and buying property to rent for long term wealth. Each strategy can be done without the need of your own money or credit.

Mobile Marketing Machine (M5)Automated Marketing Machine (M5)

As a real estate investor, marketing will either make or break you. Without a strong marketing presence you can't expect to make a dime, but with one you can literally write your own paycheck. The M5 Marketing Machine was designed to get you going with your online marketing, even if you think you hate technology. More importantly, M5 leapfrogs you ahead of your competition by putting the power of mobile marketing to work in your business, all in one easy-to-use platform. From dead-simple email & text message marketing to "direct-to-voicemail" technology, this system does it all. Best of all, the heavy lifting is completely done-for-you and your system's ready to generate leads the first time you log in. If you are interested in learning more please call 1-888-480-6617 .

Direct Mail Deal MakerDirect Mail Deal Maker

The Direct Mail Deal Maker is the result of years and years of hard work, test marketing and field research. The end result? An absolute turn-key system, even including Cody's personal distribution and printing connection for push-button direct mail fulfillment, to immediately put the most hyper responsive direct mail pieces to work generating every kind of lead imaginable on demand for you (foreclosures, probate, distressed properties, absentee owners, fire damaged homes and more). This will get your phones ringing and your business booming! This is all about less studying and more doing!

Reverse Short Sale SystemReverse Short Sale System

Every few years a new real estate investing strategy comes along that literally turns the game upside down: Cody Sperber's Reverse Short Sale strategy is one of those strategies. At a time when foreclosures are rampant and yet short sales are increasingly difficult to close, the Reverse Short Sale gives investors the ability to capitalize on the abundance of short sale deals that have gone bad, while at the same time creating a win/win/win solution for all parties involved. Reverse short sales are unique in that they require no money or credit, no bank negotiations, no need to find buyers and virtually no competition. These deals usually generate larger profits than traditional short sales with less work. Space for new students in this program is very limited.

Clever Investor CoachingClever Investor Mentoring

Getting the right education to succeed as a real estate investor is one thing. Putting that education into action is a whole different story. By working with a world-class mentor you get the 1-on-one accountability you need to ensure your goals become a reality. With Clever Investor mentoring, Cody Sperber and his top advisers get you into the game and push as hard as you want so you have no choice but to make money in real estate. While spots are extremely limited, from time to time Clever Investor will accept serious students who are ready to make real estate investing their vehicle to increased income and improved quality of life. Lazy individuals and excuse-makers need not apply.

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