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True to their name, Clever Labs let us test and try things in a truly interactive environment that gave us an exciting level of confidence.

Rosemary & Jerry


It's refreshing that he cares enough to work with you and is actually doing deals still himself.



The fear I felt when I hit my first challenge in Cody's mentoring program was quickly erased when his team of coaches surrounded me with 24/7 support and encouragement.





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Life Tasting Kind of Sour Lately?

Perhaps these questions will help you figure out how to make it taste sweeter!  1. Are you listening to your instincts? Has something been bothering you lately? Maybe something in your life just feels a little off. That could be your sixth sense, or intuition trying to tell you something important about your life. Maybe it’s time to listen. 2. Where do you get relief and relaxation in your life? Are you all work and...

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REI Essentials: 3 Major Marketing Decisions You Must Make

​As real estate investors, we face tough decisions daily. It goes with the territory, and it’s one of the reasons we love this job. We enjoy the challenges (most of the time), the twists and turns (and yes, even the crash-and-burn moments). We embrace it all in the name of real estate investing. And one of the tougher decisions in this game is how, when and where to market your business. So today, we’re going to crack the marketing code wide open to save you precious time, resources and most importantly…. money.

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How this Soldier Did Deals While on Active Duty in Afghanistan

Hi! My name is Ben Sherman and I am a Clever Investor. I have been on Active Duty with the Air Force for 12+ years. My wife and I decided to get into real estate investing back in March of 2014, when the Air Force as well as the Department of Defense in general was going through a manning reduction. My career in the AF was not certain and my wife and I were looking for another income option should I get handed my walking papers. I was not given a pink slip, however I was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. This was also after my wife and I had invested mega money into a different real estate education group (never knew clever investor existed). We had 4 months from the day we signed up with them until I left for Afghanistan to try and get a deal done. We failed miserably. We were trying to do remote investing, and our “mentor” was telling us to do some shady and illegal things involving the VA and HUD. We tried to get the business going, but we were not successful before I deployed.

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Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Hi guys, Franklin Cruz, REI Drill Sergeant here…I want to tell you about something awesome here at Clever Investor… The Clever Labs. The Clever Labs is absolutely the most exciting event in the real estate industry today. Attending the Clever Labs in June was exhilarating to say the least. I’ve been to plenty of real estate events and this is the first one I’ve attended that not only kept my interest throughout,...

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Short Sales

Hey there, Cody here…Today I’m going to share with you Part 1 of a great 2 Part series, The Life Cycle of a Short Sale. In Part 1, we’re going to cover what short sales are, why you should do these deals, the life cycle of a short sale, and where you should get leads.So, let’s dive right into it…What is a Short Sale?When a homeowner owes more money on their...

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Why You Should Consider Flat Fee Listings

One of the things we do in our business is when we rehab and sell a property – instead of listing it with a Realtor – we use a flat fee listing service instead. If you are not aware of flat fee listing services, there are flat fee services in almost every real estate market. Why I like ‘em…A flat fee listing service is one where a broker will take a flat...

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Why You Need to Micro Manage That Deal All the Way to the Closing

From Tom Nardone, Millionaire Mailman … You just tied up your first deal! Now…Do you just wait to get your check at closing? Uhhh… not really. You need to micro manage that deal all the way to the closing!Once you tie up that first deal, you need to nurture it so that it grows into an actual closing. Here’s Why…Tying up your deal under contract is just the first part of the deal. The...

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