Clever Investor student from Illinois shares shocking image of ice covering the inside of window

With record-shattering temperatures that swept through many parts of the U.S., including Chicago, many residents were not ready for these extreme weather conditions.

According to sources, Chicago was colder than Antarctica. Temperatures dipped below minus 27.

One of our Clever Investor students Zolliam Aimeé lives in Rockford, Illinois. Zolliam has been a Clever Investor student since 2018 and is still fairly new to real estate investing.

We reached out to Zolliam to check up on her status and she shared with us a shocking image of her window covered in ice through the inside of her home.

Thankfully, the freezing temperatures have not put a stop on Zolliam when it comes to real estate investing.

"Since I’m still new to investing, the freezing temperatures haven’t really affected me. After attending the Clever Labs, I have a better idea of what things I should be doing in real estate investing. I can’t wait to get back home and start making a lot of phone calls. I hope the weather gets better so I’m able to leave my apartment and go meet sellers."

Zolliam is also a stroke survivor and had brain surgery October 2017. It's been an on-going recovery phase for her, but it has not stopped her from wanting to become a real estate investor.

"In a year from now, I would love to be part of the group that has made 100K. If for some reason I couldn’t be there yet, then I see myself working really smart and hard towards that 100K goal."

She shares that being part of Clever Investor is like being part of a family and the support is amazing.

"The Clever Investor community on Facebook and my mentors keep me motivated. I’m constantly reading what people are posting there. The positive energy is what keeps me going."

Zolliam says regardless of how cold the weather is in Illinois, surrounding yourself with positive people with the same goals, keeps her in the mindset of not giving up.

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