The Case for Mentors: How a Trio of Newbie Investors Did Their First Deal

Hey investors, Cody here with an awesome real-life success story from some of our Clever students.

You probably know that I'm a solid believer in having a mentor in the real estate investing industry. Actually, I'm gonna go as far as to say - don't even think about jumping into REI without one.

Having been in this game a while now, I am a mentor myself and offer tons of advice, helpful courses and, of course, blogs like this with loads of REI info. I love being able to help people do deals and find success. Nothing makes me happier! And, I definitely love sharing in my students' successes when they close deals. That feeling is awesome.

As it turns out, a group of my students recently did just that - closed their first wholesale deal. And they know they couldn't have done it without mentors. Period, end of story.

So, I'm gonna toss this post over to them so they can share how impactful their mentors were in helping them profit from their very first wholesale deal. Please say hello (and congrats!) to Chris, Jeffrey and Silvica from California. Take it away guys...

How we got started.

Hey investors, we are honored and super pumped to be sharing our REI success story on this post, all thanks to Cody and the amazing mentors we’ve had at Clever.

About a year ago, we were playing around on Facebook and saw an ad for Cody Sperber. It caught our attention because we’ve actually been interested in real estate investing, so we clicked on the ad to see what it was about. From that click, we were able to register for a webinar Cody was doing.

We were actually pretty cautious and skeptical at first – everyone knows there are scam artists out there and people who call themselves ‘gurus’ just to sell you expensive courses. But we watched the webinar and really liked what we saw – yet we were still a bit hesitant.

So, we did some more research and began watching a bunch of testimonials on Cody’s YouTube channel. You can probably guess that there were loads of amazing testimonials and success stories there. But here’s what grabbed our attention – many of those video testimonials were from seasoned investors and people who actually had plenty of experience in REI… and they all raved about how amazing Cody is, how helpful the mentorship program that he provides is and how they’ve been able to scale and grow their business, thanks to Cody and his mentors. If experienced, full-time investors were singing his praises, we knew this was something good.

So, we decided we wanted in – we just went for it and signed up for the Clever Mentorship Program. A month later, we formed our LLC and a month after that we started marketing and dropped our first mailers. Shortly after that, a solid lead came in, which we quickly got under contract and closed, and then – boom – our first paycheck!

Get a mentor, like, yesterday.

So, maybe you’re reading this and you too are skeptical or still on the fence about taking Cody up on his amazing programs and all he has to offer…

Get off that fence – now.

The quality of education that you will go through with Cody at Clever Investor is top notch. Not only that, but Cody and his family of mentors actually care about you and your success. That’s why it works so well.

We, personally, want to thank our mentor at Clever, Koko, for guiding us, answering all of our endless questions, and providing us solid tips and advice – he was always there for us. And of course, huge thanks to the Man himself, Mr. Cody Sperber.

So, friends, get yourself a Clever mentor today – you’ll be so glad you did.

Wrap it up, Cody.

Hey guys, Cody back again... and wow, just wow, I couldn't have said it better myself! I’m so happy for these three newbie investors and their success. These guys are living proof that mentors are vital to this business, plain and simple. And like they said, we have a phenomenal family of mentors here at Clever Investor - get one, or two, or however many you want – but do it today. Just check out our Clever Investor's Mentoring page.

Stay classy, friends.

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