How To Rehab Houses Part 1

Most of you that follow my blog know that I love wholesaling houses for quick cash. It has been my favorite investing strategy for almost a decade now. But did you know that I cherry pick out the best deals, rehab them, and sell them for top dollar? In today's blog post I will share a video where I break down the entire rehab process and document the exact steps you need to take in order to rehab houses for huge paydays!

Smart, Financially Savvy Real Estate Investors Learn How To Rehab Houses For BIG Paydays

In this first video (Part 1 of 4) I document one of my recent rehab deals that I recently flipped and made over $50,000 on! The property is located at 2210 W. Tonto Ln in Phoenix, Arizona. I purchased the property directly from a distressed seller for $73,151 (this included closing costs and all fee's to buy the property) on 2/19/2013. I sold the property on 4/30/2013 for $167,500. Throughout the next couple of videos I will break down how I managed the project and all the expenses that went into the renovation!

The Power Team members involved in this transaction were:

1) My Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent - Used to sell the property once renovated.

2) My Project Manager - Used to manage our rehab crew / subs.

3) My Insurance Agent - Used to insure the property until I resold it.

4) My Investor Friendly Closing Agent - Used when buying and selling the property.

Watch as my Project Manager(s) walk through the house and discuss what renovations will get done while giving away some awesome rehabbing tips and tricks you can implement in your next rehab project!

Hope you enjoy,

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