How To Rehab Houses (Part 3)

And I am back with our third installment of our free real estate investing training series on how to rehab houses. In today’s video we begin breaking down the rehab I completed on Tonto Ln. on a whiteboard so you can see all the expected expenses and profits compared to the real expenses and profit generated from this flip. Dave the Project Manager drops some serious tips and tricks you can immediately use when managing your own rehab projects. Watch the video, send me your questions and comments, and go forth forever more with an awesome understanding of how to rehab houses in today’s market!

How To Rehab Houses (Part 3 of 4)

Big Takeaways From This Video:

  • Estimated Expenses & Profits Rarely Match Up With Real World Expenses & Profits
  • Always Budget In At Least A 10% Fudge Factor For Unforeseen Expenses
  • You Don’t Have To Be A Construction Expert To CA$H In BIG Time Rehabbing Houses
  • Hiring The Right Contractor Or Project Manager Is Key When Rehabbing Houses
  • Stay Organized By Using Dropbox File Sharing Service
  • Create A Payment Plan That Motivates Your Rehab Crew To Get The Job Done On Time & On Budget
  • Understand The Importance Of Completing A Final Walk through Once The Rehab Is Complete

Well, that’s it for this real estate investing blog post. Let me know your thoughts and I should have our fourth and final video on how to rehab houses ready for you next week. Until then, I bid you adieu...

Your rehabbing friend,

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