Want to Make More “Green”? Paint Your Sellers (Part 2)

From Clever Investor Dave Ludena:

How’d we do with the info we discussed last month, my little artists? Got a little paint on your smock?

To recap, we studied the personality “colors” of your prospects (sellers) so you can make your signature on that purchase contract worth that of Van Gogh… and you can keep your ear!

Last month we hit on yellow and blue (which if I recall from my very extensive water color training in preschool, actually makes green). Today, we round up the discussion with green and red.

Brushes up… let’s go.

(Just a disclaimer: These are typical characteristics. No one color is better or worse, just different. In reality, most people will be a mix of colors, but the dominant color is whom we want to address.)

GREEN: Formal, Passive

Green personalities are typically very logical and calculated in their thinking. For you Trekies out there, Mr. Spock was a Green. (Capt Kirk had a thing for green female aliens… but I digress.)

Greens don’t make snap decisions. They love to gather data and analyze before they make a decision. They are naturally skeptical of people’s motives and prefer getting facts to having intuition or depending on faith. Like Spock said, “that is highly illogical”.

Green types are more realistic, have a tendency to prejudge people and they need a plan to follow. They aren’t big on surprises and not spontaneous. They typically are what you would refer to as “perfectionists”.

These folks dress, as you may guess, pretty nondescript, not flashy or fashionable. Picture an engineer or accountant and you get the idea. No offense to engineers or accountants… rock those pocket protectors! Hairstyles will be pretty standard.

Generally Greens will be borderline monotone, slow and deliberate. They tend to be very articulate with a good vocabulary and little slang. So, make sure you address them in like manner, yo.

This is important. Greens are PROMPT. Want to blow your deal? Show up late. Little small talk and get to the numbers… Think efficiency.

When you greet them they normally don’t get too close. They dig their space so don’t crowd them. Give them a standard handshake. (Vulcan handshake not advised.)

In persuading them, you will want to present the numbers, explain the options and let them digest it. I’ve structured some of my best creative finance deals with Greens. Details are like porn for them.

Cody Sperber has created an incredibly effective presentation PowerPoint in the Clever Investor training that you can use during the seller meeting that will make that Green fall in love with you. Don’t hype or over promise. They can smell that like a fart in car. Just give it to them straight.

RED: Formal, Aggressive

Red personalities portray a confidence attitude. These guys and gals tend to be challenge oriented and really driven to win. Think of the “in” crowd.

Ironically, as confident as they appear, they tend to be insecure and need to get approval from others, thus the main reason they overachieve. They tend to be good decision makers, can be abrupt with people, and enjoy the best of things. They enjoy being in the spotlight.

I’ll give you 3 letters to describe Donald Trump…

Reds dress more formal than casual. Expensive, designer brands are their couture of choice. Hairstyles will be shorter, sharp and classy and rarely ungroomed or out of place. Just look at that raccoon sitting on Trump’s head.

Their tone of voice will be louder and more aggressive. They can be profane and sarcastic and will have a more rapid pace of speech. Keep up.

When you go to meet a Red, you better be on time, but don’t expect the same if they are coming to YOU. Their busy schedules may make them a little late. They will be upset if they are on time and you aren’t. They always seem to be in a rush.

When you greet them, they usually have a firm handshake, and so should you. Don’t violate their space and do speak confidently and loudly to gain their respect.

When persuading, DO NOT tell them what to do. Confidently give them the options. Don’t be afraid to challenge them. They respect a spar. After all, YOU are the expert here, so stand your ground and project confidence. Your authority, expertise and confidence are what will get them to like you and do business with you.

Learn to Be a Chameleon

So that’s the crash course in colors.

In summary, our goal here is to learn to be a chameleon. By understanding who you are dealing with, you can change your color to match the person you are communicating with.

By no means am I suggesting being fake or ingenuous. This is more about getting them comfortable with you. So, to be more accurate, you aren’t painting the sellers. You are painting YOU.

You can’t wear combat boots to the dance. Just like you would put on a suit or dress to go to a wedding, and shorts and Nikes to go running, you are just suiting up appropriately. So have fun with it, and go paint your masterpiece… you.

Any thoughts on any of this real estate investing blog post? I'd love to hear em. Leave a comment!

Rock On,

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