Why Having a 5-Year-Old Best Friend is Amazing Business Advice

From Franklin Cruz, REI Drill Sergeant and Mentor …

How is my best friend 5 years old? Having a best friend that’s 5 years old is the best thing in the world. Having a best friend at all is a great thing. But sometimes as adults, we move on past our friends and we forget to connect with people like we used to…

So our best friends sometimes become our kids. I am married and have two boys, 12 and 5. I love my 12 year old, but he is starting to think that dad is a little uncool. But my 5 year old still wants to be my best friend. I am his world, his light, his protector. I tell him all this and he says: “Cool daddy, I love you, can I get some chocolate milk?”

But there’s more to my 5-year-old best friend: He has been awesome for my real estate investing business. (Of course, I’m certainly not talking about child labor.) What I mean is that we can learn a lot from children that will help us in our businesses. Kids do some amazing things that sometimes as adults we have forgotten about.

5 of the Most Important Things I Learn from my 5-Year-Old Best Friend

1. Be a Salesperson

Five year old's are the best sales people of all time. They keep asking for that chocolate milk no matter what. They will throw a temper tantrum, pull your heart strings, play the guilt card… anything they have to do to get that sale.

How freaking bad do you want it? Ask yourself that, and then become more like a 5 year old. Better yet, be a salesperson like a 5 year old.

2. Be a Good Listener

I have taught my 5 year old the importance and value of listening to what people have to say. Not all 5 year olds are good listeners. Heck, even most adults aren’t good listeners. But you should break that mold!

3. Don’t Take NO for an Answer

Allow yourself to actually forgive someone. Don’t hold grudges. This is especially true if you’ve already received NO for an answer. You might know that what you’re trying to sell to someone is the best thing ever, but they don’t know that. They know not what they do. You must forgive them and continue to address their concerns professionally like an adult, but never take no for an answer - just like a 5 year old.

Are you starting to see that there’s a lot we can learn from children that will help us in our businesses?

4. Show Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Five-year-olds do some amazing things…sometimes as adults we have forgotten the importance of those things. Like what? Like finding value in what people have to say; showing respect, forgiveness, kindness and listening skills. Most of all - be patient and learn to enjoy every minute, because you’ll never get those precious moments back!

5. Don’t take NO for a sales answer, just like a five year old.

Yep, it’s definitely worth hammering this point home.

What do you Think?

Well, I hope you got something out of this. I enjoy sharing these types of things with you. Have you learned something terrific from your ‘little’ best friend? I want to hear your stories! Leave a comment below and let’s continue this conversation.

Stay blessed, friends. Here’s to your success with real estate.


Franklin A. Cruz

“America’s Real Estate Mentor aka the REI Drill Sergeant”

PS. Got a Mentor?

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