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At Clever Investor we believe in celebrating all breakthroughs in your real estate business, large or small. Whether it's closing that first big deal or just getting in the game, we'd love to hear about your success!

Clever Investor stuck with me!
Deciding to move my interests in real estate, for me, was like moving to a foreign country to do business. Clever Investors has been my interpreter up to this point. They have stuck with me, even during times I wouldn't stick with me. Thanks for holding me to this point. I believe it is a big start. The knowledge I have received confirms I will see more checks like this, but bigger! Thanks for your confidence Nancy!" Thanks again, Mike
Mike I.
I can manage my entire business in the Deal Automator!
I can manage my entire business in the Deal Automator, it's awesome! It produces the websites for me, it holds all of my leads, all the notes on them, you can analyze your deals, see what kind of profit potential is on them, you can see if it's a deal or if it's a dud. It's basically like a business in a box, it's super awesome! It saves you a ton of time and freedom... It's got the squeeze pages, auto-email templates, everything's already made for you so it's killer, I really dig it!
Jaromy T.
Fast Track Profit System taught me everything
The Fast Track Profit System is what taught me everything on how to invest in real estate from scratch with no real estate background. In a matter of a few days you can be completely up to speed and start going to work. Fast track was the foundation I built my business on, and played a vital role in getting me to where I am today.
Logan H.
My first flip changed my family's life
My motivation for doing my first flip was family. We wanted to be able to pick our schedule a little bit better. My husband was working 90+ hours a week, and I was able to help him out by off-setting some of the work that needed to be done. My first flip changed my family's life from the realization that we could actually do this and be successful.
Jennifer W.
Fast Track- Best Decision We Ever Made
The Fast Track really put us in the driver's seat for our business. It took us through the process step by step and gave us the confidence we needed in getting that first deal. If you want to get moving quickly, whether you are a rookie or a seasoned investor looking to step up your game, Fast Track is the way to go. One of the very best decisions we ever made.
Pete&Jessica R.
First Deal closed with Flip for Big Profits
Hey man I brought your flip for big profits training and it helped me close my first deal! it helped me change my life! - Here's a copy of the check...
Dan K.
New Jersey
I'm a mentoring student, just wanted to send you guys one of my deals. I'm on track to make over 300k this year just wholesaling.
Tyler S.
I feel confident going into the real estate world!
Cody is absolutely amazing ! He is a "tell it like it is" type of person. Not only has he sold me 100% on his program but on himself as well. I have taken the Fast Track 2.0 course and feel extremely confident going into the real estate world and making it mine ! I messaged Cody on Instagram with a question at almost 8pm his time ( almost 11 mine) and got an immediate response. I'm talking about a full on response! Not a simple one or two sentence answer but 2 paragraph detailed response. I am confident in his work and products ! To add to all of the things I love about Clever Investors is the team ! Quick well put together responses that make you confident in not only the business that there are running but your own as well ! I was skeptical at first because so many of these "GURUS" turn out to be frauds ! I also had a long list of people who didn't think it was worth it or that I would learn anything but I can 100% tell you that I've learned way more than I expected and not only that but Cody and his team give you WAY more content then I could have every expected !
Theresa M.
My first deal was a $10,000 wholesale deal
Closing my first deal was amazing and greatly impacted my life. My first deal was a $10,000 wholesale deal. Last year I made $20,000 for the entire year working construction for my father and I already have earned half that in a months time!! Before my first deal (I was) laid off from work... it is such a secure feeling to have that $10 thousand in my account and not have the stress of living paycheck to paycheck to provide for my wife and kids and to barely get by. So ever since I have closed my first deal... life is so good!
Joe H.
It Works- Fast Track!
Hello, this is Wei C with 716 Estates. The Fast Track program really gave me the proper education that builds your knowledge and terminology as a real estate investor. I remember taking 20 full pages of notes to make sure the material sinks in. So the right education is there, you DO have to put in the hard work and time to learn the information. I also remember sacrificing my Friday and Saturday nights instead of hanging out with friends to learn the material and apply it to the real world. So if I can learn and use the Fast Track Program, so can YOU! -Wei Chen
Wei C.
New York
Forever Grateful for my mentor
Thank you to everyone who’s helped me every step of the way. Especially my mentor Nancy!!! This deal was a tough one, but she made sure I never gave up! I’m forever grateful for my mentor and all of the Clever Investor team! WOOHOO!!!
Ana A.
New York
Just Joined the 100K Club!
$15,000 deal closed today my guy... Hell yeah!!! Another one for $9k on the 28th is closing as well. Joined the 100K club
Ryan K.
Deal Automator is Fantastic!
To apply automation to an investment strategy was just phenomenal to me, and when I saw it really worked, and I used it, I had no other choice but signing up. I didn't want to have a chaotic investment, I wanted to have it structured, I wanted to have it repeatable, I wanted to have it result-driven, and this machine that Cody invented just fit that mold and that's why it was appealing to me and I signed up for it. And it proved to be right, it really works that way. It's fantastic!
Norm K.
You're the best Cody, you motivate me to achieve my goals and others, I started programming and hope to be successful like you. ♥
@ro._v .
Getting my first deal was surreal
Man, what an experience getting that first check was! For me it really was surreal. I had seen videos of Cody flapping those checks around for almost 2 years on social media saying "YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!" but for it to really be real and be in MY hand.....WOW. It not only reiterated my confidence in Clever, but ignited my confidence in myself. "I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. I WILL NOT BE STOPPED!
Daniel S.
Our Mentor helped us along the way
"We have closed on our first rehab project with a profit of 29,000 and change. so excited and thanks to everyone who is so very helpful at Clever Investor and Nancy our Mentor who helped us all along the way. We are now onto our second one now!!!" -Scott Zabka
Scott Z.
This changed my life forever... Thank you Clever!
Closing my first deal turned a far fetched dream into reality. 80% of the challenges that you have is mindset... after your first deal is closed, you start believing in the process and more importantly you start believing in yourself. This changed my life forever... Thank you Clever!
Herschy K.
New York
Cody and his team did an extraordinary job
Fast Track Profit System provides me with the tools and resources needed to succeed in real estate investing! I followed directions laid out in the training and.....BOOM! The checks started coming in. Cody and his team did an extraordinary job of putting together an outstanding, user-friendly product!
Eddie P.
Fast Track is unlike any out there
The fast track profit system is unlike any out there. Cody breaks things down into simple, actionable steps and really takes you from knowing nothing to being able to run your wholesaling business. The things he teaches are super ninja tactics to get deeply discounted deals and then what to do when you get them under contract. I recommend his Fast Track program to anyone, anytime, anywhere!
Ben S.
honest, authentic, brilliant, and communicative!
Being a licensed Realtor in California I’ve worked with many amazing clients, and, as well, have had the benefit of a good retail real estate mentor. But, no one beats Cody Sperber and his team!! Cody offers a solid program with steps, processes and up to date methodology that provide fast tangible results. Whatever his team says they’ll do .. you can count on it getting done .. and then some. Regarding deals, be prepared to hit the ground running and to knock your sales out of the park. About Cody himself, as well as his team .. honest, solid, family, authentic, brilliant, communicative, expedient and accurate, get’r done, excellent follow-up, extremely courageous and fun!!! If you are thinking about working with Cody Sperber and Clever Investor .. boot this program up and learn as fast as you can so you can help people sell and buy property and make the kind of income you are dreaming about. MB Cameron - DRE #: 02009361 Retail, wholesale, rehab/flip and landlord
Mary B.
I'm glad I found the Clever Investor Team
I am glad I found the Clever Investor team. They have good online materials to help with our investing education. Alice and Matt were particularly helpful each week with their expertise in guiding us with all real estate experience, and handling all of our questions in a great interactive format that addresses any personal roadblocks we may encounter as students.Nancy, my personal mentor, was genuinely interested in my success, and provided real life help for me as I flipped my properties. She helped me on my first flip that netted me over $70,000. Thanks to the Clever team.
Greg B.
North Carolina
Love this! I have been following you for some time. I am 23 years old and I decided at 22 to start investing. I started in October of 2018 bought 1 flip and then bought another 1, and then wholesaled 1 house and now I'm buying my 3 house which is a duplex to renovate and rent out. I'm being doing this for 4 months only! I've learned so much already and all the marketing strategies I learned from you have had success. Although I'm still not good at cold calling. Still scares me but I am trying to get over that fear. Thank you Cody, your training programs were a big help!
Arvi C.
New York
Thank you Clever Investor Family
I am very happy to announce you that I closed this deal. This was a free lead from a hard money lender who ended up owning two duplexes which are on one lot. He said he purchased the judgement and ended up owning them. Not sure what that is. I met him through REIA meeting. Closed it in 20 days from the date I got the PA. I flipped a package of two duplexes which were on one lot. Got them for $180k and did double close for $200k. All profit nothing spent in marketing. I lost 3 deals because sellers backed out in past few months. That didn't stop me and I made almost all of that in this deal. Thanks Andrew, Matt and Clever family.
Abdul R.
He Has Demonstrated that his Knowledge and Experience of Real Estate Investing is Very Extensive
In the short amount of time Eric Stevens has been my mentor, he has demonstrated that his knowledge and experience of real estate investing is very extensive. The tips and strategies he has provided would have taken a long time to figure out on my own. Eric’s guidance and inspiration in learning this business makes him a great asset both on Cody‘s team and to have in your corner.
Lenny C.
I closed my first deal and felt free
When I closed my first deal, I felt free. I felt like everything my family was saying to dissuade me from my dreams had been completely shattered. My hard work had paid off, and I realized that I could do this for the rest of my life because there is no feeling quite as exhilarating as proving to yourself that you can do something that will inevitably change your entire life. The reward is well worth the initial struggle.
Emily C.
North Carolina
Fast Track Profit System is proof you will be a success
Clever Investor Fast Track training was beneficial to my business results in so many areas, it’s hard to know where to begin describing the value! When I first entered the real estate investment world, I was the typical inexperienced investor but I knew I needed some expert advice! Cody’s training videos were spot-on advice and helped jump-start almost immediately. On a personal note, when I first began Fast Track training, I was working a full-time job as a dental hygienist, and raising two very young children. Each night after I tucked the kids in, I went to work on real estate, watching Fast Track system video modules, hand-writing letters to potential buyers and sellers, ordering bandit signs to install on weekends, and using all of the Fast Track system suggestions. I used Cody’s methods and tips to build my business the first year, and it’s gotten better year after year. I remember Cody’s encouragement on the videos and his saying that hard work pays off. I now have a terrific team sending letters, finding buyers, prospecting and hanging bandit signs. I’m living proof that if you follow the tips and advice in Fast Track and work hard, you will be successful.
Denise T.
Clever Investor has changed my life. It has given me a vision to success. It's my Job to go out and take action. With all your motivation and systems Cody, I'm truly blessed to be apart of Clever Investor. You have taken what I thought were dreams and showed me that I can turn them into reality. My first month as being a mentor student I trusted the plan and took action. Taking action lead me to my first ever wholesale deal of 17K. If it wasn't for your continuous motivation and Clever Investor, I would still be working my 9-5. Thank you Cody and thank you Clever Investor. IN CLEVER WE TRUST
@lando_steinhagen .
Thank You Cody and Clever Investor!
I have gotten to know Eric through the Clever Mentoring Program. I first have to say he is an impressive person that has overcome and accomplished many things in his personal and professional life. His knowledge about probate, creative financing, and real estate investing in general is a great asset to my business. Believe me, I spent well over 25 yrs in the chemical industry so I need all of the help I can get. I am glad I signed on and would hate to think of where I would be without Eric's mentoring. Thank you Cody and Clever Investor.
Michael A.
Closing my first deal was indescribable!
Before closing the first deal, our future of investing in real estate and making that our retirement plan was just a dream. But when that deal closed it became a reality and the feeling was just indescribable!!
Lindsay M.
Clever Blueprint to success
Fast track was an intense targeted program that straightened the path to more confidence and a better understanding of the Clever Blueprint to success in Real Estate. It's hands-on training that paved the way with laser focus toward my success.
Michael K.
From Unemployed to successful real estate investor
I was laid off from my job in January So in February I started my own business (with my unemployment checks) Designing houses. It wasn't really even paying the bills. In May I saw Cody's Facebook Ad about real estate investment and after doing a little research on him and the company I chose to purchase the program. I have purchased a few others in years past and they were not useful at all. With Clever investor, they gave me usable information and the ability and knowledge of when and where to use it. They gave me contacts and other businesses to use for certain things so I could set the process in motion. My first deal was a co-wholesale with a new friend from the local REI site (which was recommended by Clever Investor) for $5000. Going through my new buyers list I had a bidding war on it within 10 hours and within 12 it was under contract. During the same time I received a call from a direct mailer about another local property. Within a 24 hours I had that property under contract and within another 24 hours I had the buyer under contract. My buyer also noticed a house for sale through an agent down the road and asked for it too. So in another 4 hours that home was under contract on both sides as well. We had a simultaneous close on both properties and between the three properties I had made $23,000 (making $15,000 on my original mailer property). I now have 7 properties under contract from sellers (totaling $33,000) awaiting buyer contracts. I went from not being able to pay the bills and receiving unemployment checks to building a secure future for my family. I could not have done this without the help of Cody and the Clever Investor Team. Thank you all so much.
Michael L.
I owe so much to my mentor
Thank you Clever Investor for teaching me what I need to do everyday in order to build my wholesaling business. Before joining the program I closed 2 deals in 18 months and made less than $2,000 total. I was a struggling real estate investor. With Clever Investor and Cody Sperber in less than 30 days I closed my first deal made $9,160 and I have 2 more deals in escrow totaling $9,500 more coming. The teaching is top notch and I owe a lot to my mentor Dave Ludena for his guidance and knowledge. Thanks again from a happy Real Estate investor AB
Alain B.
I knew nothing about real estate...
I knew nothing about real estate investing when I signed up with Clever investor. The team helped me to learn the basics and processes. There was a week by week game plan from day one to progress towards my first deal. Being new to this, there was lot of gaps, but the team helped to bridge the gaps and provided true support. Cody has all the resources required for a real estate investor in one place.
Mahesh S.
Deal Automator is great!
The website developing side makes it very easy to buy domains and create custom capture pages. The automatic follow up email responses are awesome!
Hung N.
Our First Flip changed our lives
We were very nervous, but were very motivated to get into the real estate business, so we just jumped in and our first flip actually turned out really well. We sold it and made a good profit, and it changed our lives because we were able to build a business around it and now support ourselves and our families. We definitely recommend it -- just get started!
Patrick .
Fast Track Profit System- Soup to Nuts
Aloha from Hawaii! My name is Keone C and I encourage anybody who is still sitting on the fence to take that leap of faith and get in the game! Cody is the TRUTH and the Fast Track is the absolute real deal. Whether you're a newbie looking to get into REI or you're already a seasoned real estate investor looking to step your game up...I can attest that you need not look any further. This Soup to Nuts course breaks the entire real estate investing process down. Literally, step-by-step in crazy detail! Honestly, I was definitely hesitant and a little skeptical (okay..really skeptical!) on whether or not these methods would actually work way out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, I was doubting that his lead generation methods (ie; direct mail marketing) would really produce the results that he was preaching. I recall him saying that if you just follow exactly what I'm teaching just be prepared because your phone will be ringing off the hook. I figured why not. So I did not deviate from the game plan, TOOK ACTION and did exactly as he said. Low & behold, within just days of sending my first batch of mailers, my phone indeed rang profusely. I was shocked and remembered even saying to myself "WOW, this s**t actually works!" Again, the TRUTH and the absolute real deal! Mahalo (thank you) Cody!! Clever Investor Rocks!!!
Keone C.
More and more deals!
After my first flip, this business really became real. When you have cash in hand and you feel it and you taste it and you see it, and you cash it, and it goes into your bank, it becomes real. From that point on, we never looked back and we just move forward and continued to do more and more and more deals.
John P.
Thank you for helping me find the beginning of my journey
Cody has an awesome system set up for beginners as well as experienced real estate investors. I have the Fast Track system and have watched all the vids and gotten all the forms, and have already started my journey in real estate. What sets him apart from any/all other teachers is his willingness and to keep pushing you along. I hope to one day meet him in person, even though he's spoken to me directly several times through his live videos. He is a person that knows what he's talking about, and loves to teach others how to do what he's done! Thank you Cody Sperber for helping me find the beginning of my journey!
Ryan W.

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