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At Clever Investor we believe in celebrating all breakthroughs in your real estate business, large or small. Whether it's closing that first big deal or just getting in the game, we'd love to hear about your success!

How Andrew Graham did a Double Close on His First Deal $53k
How Andrew Graham did a Double Close on His First Deal $53k
Andrew G.
North Carolina
Fast Track Profit System is proof you will be a success
Clever Investor Fast Track training was beneficial to my business results in so many areas, it’s hard to know where to begin describing the value! When I first entered the real estate investment world, I was the typical inexperienced investor but I knew I needed some expert advice! Cody’s training videos were spot-on advice and helped jump-start almost immediately. On a personal note, when I first began Fast Track training, I was working a full-time job as a dental hygienist, and raising two very young children. Each night after I tucked the kids in, I went to work on real estate, watching Fast Track system video modules, hand-writing letters to potential buyers and sellers, ordering bandit signs to install on weekends, and using all of the Fast Track system suggestions. I used Cody’s methods and tips to build my business the first year, and it’s gotten better year after year. I remember Cody’s encouragement on the videos and his saying that hard work pays off. I now have a terrific team sending letters, finding buyers, prospecting and hanging bandit signs. I’m living proof that if you follow the tips and advice in Fast Track and work hard, you will be successful.
Denise T.
He has demonstrated that his knowledge and experience of real estate investing is very extensive.
In the short amount of time Eric Stevens has been my mentor, he has demonstrated that his knowledge and experience of real estate investing is very extensive. The tips and strategies he has provided would have taken a long time to figure out on my own. Eric’s guidance and inspiration in learning this business makes him a great asset both on Cody‘s team and to have in your corner.
Lenny C.
Fast Track Profit System - Soup to Nuts
Aloha from Hawaii! My name is Keone Catian and I encourage anybody who is still sitting on the fence to take that leap of faith and get in the game! Cody is the TRUTH and the Fast Track is the absolute real deal. Whether you're a newbie looking to get into REI or you're already a seasoned real estate investor looking to step your game up...I can attest that you need not look any further. This Soup to Nuts course breaks the entire real estate investing process down. Literally, step-by-step in crazy detail! Honestly, I was definitely hesitant and a little skeptical (okay..really skeptical!) on whether or not these methods would actually work way out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, I was doubting that his lead generation methods (ie; direct mail marketing) would really produce the results that he was preaching. I recall him saying that if you just follow exactly what I'm teaching just be prepared because your phone will be ringing off the hook. I figured why not. So I did not deviate from the game plan, TOOK ACTION and did exactly as he said. Low & behold, within just days of sending my first batch of mailers, my phone indeed rang profusely. I was shocked and remembered even saying to myself "WOW, this s**t actually works!" Again, the TRUTH and the absolute real deal! Mahalo (thank you) Cody!! Clever Investor Rocks!!!
Keone C.
Fast Track - Best decision we ever made
The Fast Track really put us in the driver's seat for our business. It took us through the process step by step and gave us the confidence we needed in getting that first deal. If you want to get moving quickly, whether you are a rookie or a seasoned investor looking to step up your game, Fast Track is the way to go. One of the very best decisions we ever made.
Pete&Jessica R.
Thank you Cody and Clever Investor!
I have gotten to know Eric through the Clever Mentoring Program. I first have to say he is an impressive person that has overcome and accomplished many things in his personal and professional life. His knowledge about probate, creative financing, and real estate investing in general is a great asset to my business. Believe me, I spent well over 25 yrs in the chemical industry so I need all of the help I can get. I am glad I signed on and would hate to think of where I would be without Eric's mentoring. Thank you Cody and Clever Investor.
Michael A.
Abdul R.
It Works - Fast Track!
Hello, this is Wei Chen with 716 Estates. The Fast Track program really gave me the proper education that builds your knowledge and terminology as a real estate investor. I remember taking 20 full pages of notes to make sure the material sinks in. So the right education is there, you DO have to put in the hard work and time to learn the information. I also remember sacrificing my Friday and Saturday nights instead of hanging out with friends to learn the material and apply it to the real world. So if I can learn and use the Fast Track Program, so can YOU! -Wei Chen
Wei C.
New York
Cody is "scary good" with creative solutions to problems.
Laura .
Networked with other mentoring students, which allowed him to close first deal of $20,487.45
Sean M.
Full time job for 30 years and used real estate for a long term income.
Mike .
Closed first deal for 7K on first deal
Dinesh N.
Overcame fear of talking to sellers, 8.5k on first deal
Erik .
Tripled his income after entering the mentor program
Xavier O.
New York
Once at Labs he knew he was in the right place. "Choose to be lucky"
James .
I had years of struggle before I started with Clever Investor.
Jeff H.
It was almost silly simple, I can't explain it. Thank you everyone at Clever
Doug S.
I made $12,000 thanks to the Clever community.
Debbie .
You're the best Cody, you motivate me to achieve my goals and others, I started programming and hope to be successful like you. ♥
@ro._v .
I had 0 experience before I started with Clever Investor.
Maurice G.
I used the Fast track for a month and close my first deal
Donnie M.
I wanted to invest in myself which is why I chose Clever Investor.
Celina .
Clever Investor has changed my life. It has given me a vision to success. It's my Job to go out and take action. With all your motivation and systems Cody, I'm truly blessed to be apart of Clever Investor. You have taken what I thought were dreams and showed me that I can turn them into reality. My first month as being a mentor student I trusted the plan and took action. Taking action lead me to my first ever wholesale deal of 17K. If it wasn't for your continuous motivation and Clever Investor, I would still be working my 9-5. Thank you Cody and thank you Clever Investor. IN CLEVER WE TRUST
@lando_steinhagen .
I knew nothing about real estate...
I knew nothing about real estate investing when I signed up with Clever investor. The team helped me to learn the basics and processes. There was a week by week game plan from day one to progress towards my first deal. Being new to this, there was lot of gaps, but the team helped to bridge the gaps and provided true support. Cody has all the resources required for a real estate investor in one place.
Mahesh S.
Clever showed me how to do a mail campaign & I closed a deal almost immediately.
Tony .
I have been able to close 3 deals in only 6 months.
Carlos L.
I had a lot of headaches before I found Clever Investor
Rick I.
I couldn't have closed my first deal for $20,000 without the Clever family.
Robert W.
I closed my first deal and couldn't be more excited!
Tanya .
I already closed one deal and I have another to close.
Greg S.
I am excited to use Cody's system to take my business to the next level.
Lorena .
I was able to close 2 deals in less than 30 days.
Daniel B.
The training material that we went through was top notch.
Chris&Jeffrey&Silvica .
Cody genuinely cares about your success.
Jesse .
Just turned 18 and I closed my first deal.
Hunter R.
I was hesitant until I learned more about Cody and Clever Investor.
Patricia C.
Clever has helped me close 3 deals for $40,000.
Wayne V.
I had no real estate experience and was still able to close my first deal.
Gerardo C.
The entire team was there to help me make $8640 on my first deal.
Maureen N.
I had little success until I started working with Clever Investor.
Clifton .
Cody helped us to our business to the next level.
Denise&Kelly .
Clever Investor helped me take action with no real estate experience.
Rafel M.
I made $12,500 on my first wholesale deal with Clever Investor.
James G.
I was afraid to get back into real estate before Clever Investor.
Lisa-Marie .
Clever Investor helped me through so many lessons and helped me shift my mindset to succeed.
Zach R.
Signed contract for 18k in 4 days after implementing techniques from mentor program, and "IT WORKED!" "He did it for me and he can do it for YOU as well!"
Denise .
Tried other mentoring programs with no success.
Tried other mentoring programs with no success.
Don W.
"Baseball Mom Buys Houses"
Paige K.
Found a way to spend more time with his family being a real estate investor.
Kelby found a way to create time to spend with his family using Cody's programs.
Kelby M.
How Daniel in California Closed 2 Real Estate Wholesale Deals in Less Than 30 Days
Looking to become a real estate investor but don't know where to start? See how we helped Daniel wholesale 2 deals in 30 days.
Daniel .
Watch Logan Explain Why Clever Helped Him Start From Nothing
Logan has been in our real estate investing mentoring program for about 90 days and has already completed 2 deals and has a few more lined up. He shares a very authentic testimonial with us that you will want to watch if you are thinking about becoming a real estate investor. Great job Logan...we are proud of your success and excited to be part of your real estate investing journey.
Logan .
How Craig Gets Realtors to Send Him Investment Deals Every Week
One of our students is crushing it in Georgia right now. Watch Craig talk about how he teams up with 5-6 realtors that send him deals every week. In just 3 months of being a Clever students he had over $400,000 worth in contracts signed and ready to go. Not bad. Way to go Craig!
Craig .
Finally realized Cody is the real deal.
Jim has been in other coaching but none "walk you through and hold your hand". It took him 2 years to finally realize that Cody is the real deal and started to fully apply himself to become the BEST him he can be!
Jim B.
How the Craigslist Couple Snagged $15,000 in 2 deals!
The Craigslist Couple (aka Mentoring students Dan & Alysa) Detail how they made over $15,000 profit on just TWO DEALS! And it can happen fast. Their first deal had a profit of $11,000 and was sold on Craigslist in under an hour! Boom! So they decided to double down and got another under contract. They did pay some of the closing costs but still walked away with $4,333 in profit. Not a bad deal at all!
Dan C.